agxa is a global offshore trade entity specializing in Energy Resources, Technology, Print Publishing, Packaging (PPP), Consumer, Logistics and global offshore trade with presence in Australia, Sri Lanka, India & Singapore.  The strategic status in Offshore Trade, Finance & Logistics envisage principal network in Asia, Europe and North America.


Application Specialist


The profile should be of technology associate specializing in graphics designing and ICT system specialist.



  • The expertise personal should be of a minimum 3 years’ experience in relevant field of programming.
  • The preferred age would be between 25- 35years.
  • The candidate must prose internationally recognizes qualifications in ICT with major in graphics and web creation.
  • Should have communication and interpersonal skills to work with key stakeholders across the business.
  • Apache 2.2, PHP 5, EXIM4, MYSQL 5.5.44
  • Website is written in PHP, using symfony framework, with Doctrine ORM used to access SQL databases.  Symfony follows MVC approach.
  • Current Server Setup: Debian GNU/Linux 7.
  • Interface – Code for sms, phone and email functions.



The appropriate remuneration package is offered with a pleasant international working environment and career prospects.


Please forward your application to : hr@agxintl.com.au or to the below address.