Board Of Directors

Board Of Directors

Executive Chairman
Mr. Anton Godfrey Anton Godfrey
Executive Chairman – agxa Global & AG International
Director – Colombo Stock Exchange
Winner: Outstanding Entrepreneur of the Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards 2013.

Founder/Executive Chairman of agxa (AG International), an academically qualified and distinguished entrepreneur with business acumen, who has been the impetus behind the expanding frontiers of the global business initiative of the company. Upholds highest standards of professionalism and maintains responsibility towards all stakeholders. Is achievement oriented, focused on innovation and committed towards inspiring further extension of the existing business networks.

Anton Godfrey, the founder and Executive Chairman of agxa (AG International) is a distinguished entrepreneur who has been at the helm of the company since its inception. Due to his vision and innovative spirit, agxa (AG International ) has now evolved into a multi- million dollar venture with a truly global outreach, which represents some of the world’s leading brands in the resources, trade, energy, chemicals, pulp and paper, ICT, off-shore and outsourcing sectors. It is currently involved in overseas marketing activities with subsidiaries located in Sri Lanka, India, Singapore and Australia whilst principal networks spanning over Asia, Europe, North America and Africa. It represents a host of globally renowned brand names including FILOFAX, Norske Skog, APRIL Fine, Chenming, Trueb, SPB, Smurfit, Resolute, Bauche, Jeonju, ABN, and ADM (UK). In recognition of his accomplishments, Mr. Godfrey received the Outstanding Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Award at APEA 2013. The company has won several awards and recently became the runner up of the Best Business Champion Award in Western Australia for ICT and offshore global trade, currently serve as the Board of Director of the Colombo Stock Exchange.

In addition to the valuable insight and business acumen Mr. Anton Godfrey has accumulated through years of experience, he also boasts of numerous academic and professional qualifications. He is a Chartered Marketer affiliated to CIM UK and Fellow of Chartered Institute of Marketing UK and the Australian Institute of Management. He also holds an MBA from the University of Leicester UK. He often delivers guest lectures at Curtin University, Australia.

Mr. Anton Godfrey has also been actively involved in International Trade Council s including the Chamber Of Commerce in Sri Lanka and Australia. He is the past president of the Vietnam Sri Lanka Business Council and Indonesia Sri Lanka Business Council of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce and currently serves on the Board of the Western Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s panel focusing on International Trade.

Apart from being a successful entrepreneur he was also recognized as the best Rotary president during his tenure as the president of the Rotary Club of Colombo Uptown. He shares time between leading a fast growing global business venture, playing golf, a sport that he is quite passionate about.  

Managing Director
Ms. Subitha Maxi Subitha Maxi
Managing Director – agxa - AG International Company
Sri Lanka / International Trade Development

Subitha serves as the Managing Director of agxa - AG International Company since early 2015. Prior to this position she was the Director of Trading for Global Pulp & Paper trades, Energy, Sugar – Futures and options through agxa affiliations in Sri Lanka, Australia, & Singapore.

Her expertise and association lies with globally renowned Stora Enso, SPB, April, Resolute, Norske Skog, ADM & Jeonju Paper in international trade.

Subitha holds post graduate qualification in Global Trade Management & Operations from Australian Trade Council, Melbourne.


Director Marketing
Ms. Sashi Hettiwatta Sashi Hettiwatta
MSc. in Strategic Marketing, ACIM
Director Marketing

Ms. Sashi Hettiwatta leads the Strategic Marketing efforts of agxa since early 2014. Her forte has been with Insurance, Healthcare, and Sales & Marketing of Printing, Publishing & Packaging, Global Trade & Technology.

She served the board of Sri Lanka Print Media Academy for the year 2015/2016 as the Secretary.

Sashi holds an MSc. in Strategic Marketing from Asia e University (Malaysia), and an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (UK).


Director Finance
Ms. Shermila Liyanawaduge Shermila Liyanawaduge
ACA, BBA (fin), MAAT
Director Finance

Ms. Shermila Liyanawaduge leads the Strategic Finances of agxa since late 2015. Her forte has been with Financial Accounting, Management and Global Trade operations for AG International Pvt Ltd.

Shermila is an Associate Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants - Sri Lanka, and a Bachelor of Business Administration (Hon, Finance) from the University of Colombo.


Director Offshore
Mr. Anthony Rajkumar Anthony Rajkumar
Director offshore trading

Mr. Anthony Rajkumar leads the Strategic offshore trade of agxa since mid-2010. His forte has been with Management of Global offshore trading and finance. Raj has extensive experience in working with leading banks on behalf of agxa for offshoring, namely DBS, NAB, Commonwealth bank and Commercial bank Plc.